2019 ND Owners Manual

For those interested, here is the link to review the 2019 ND Owners Manual. There will be quite a few changes least of all the increased horsepower and back up camera. One disappointing fact is there will not be any body refresh for this model year and probably no bright colors added to the palette. Also, with the laws requiring back up cameras in all new vehicles, Mazda stuck the camera on the new ND in the middle of the bumper, not where the license plate area is to somewhat hide it. Not a very flattering look.
One other note, Mazda will be releasing a 30th Anniversary Edition later in the model year and rumor has it that it will be a brand new color. Hopefully a vibrant one!

⚠ warning – clicking on this link will download a 544 page PDF file

2019 Owners Manual – https://s3.amazonaws.com/tsd.mazdausa.com/Mazda_Owners_Manuals/2019/2019_MX5_OM.pdf