Barrett-Jackson Auction in West Palm Beach

by Ron Nieporent  4/12/19

I’m no dummy. but he is…

sitting there while missing a unique experience at the Barrett-Jackson West Palm Beach Auction.  Today was a great day as the South Florida Miatas Club met for a bagel breakfast and caravanned to the South Florida Fair Grounds.

Barrett-Jackson puts on a first class auction and essentially a world class car and memorabilia show.  There were classics from the early days of Henry Ford to a modern day Ford Shelby GT500.

There was even a 1993 Miata.

And it sold for $5,500.  We need to hold on to our Miatas for the next 10-20 years.  Who knows what they’ll fetch?

The atmosphere was electric.

We want to send a THANK YOU to the staff at Barrett-Jackson for providing BOGO passes to our club members.  A great time was had and we look forward to being back next year!

John’s photo’s from our day at the auction: